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Are you a serious reader looking for a place to engage with honest reviews, in-depth book analysis and recommended readings? You’re in for a treat. The Book Review Pro, founded by Karen Pool, an avid Utah-based reader, bridges readers with an insightful and exciting realm of literature.

Our Genre Focus: Memoir, Inspirational, Self-Help, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Urban Fantasy (modern day), Fantasy, Young Adult, Children’s Books.

Meet Karen Pool, Founder of Book Review Pro

Beyond reading a book and identifying the genre, I want to share insights and favorite quotes so readers get the flavor of the book. I look for illumination, inspiring stories, beautiful imagery and delightful metaphors.

I’m always on the hunt for how people see and invent the world with words, especially those authors whose story is so enticing, I can hardly put the book down. I watch for the arc of character development in a book.

I like redemption stories and fantasy tales, young adult adventure, historical fiction, mystery, and all kinds of nonfiction. I enjoy the plethora of books by recent authors that create awareness of women’s stories from ages past that were invisible in earlier years.

Our Values


Network and connect with other avid readers in a welcoming and friendly virtual space.


Our list of reviewed books is continuously growing. Eager to see a book on our list? Let us know!


A safe place to voice your honest opinions on various books, regardless of how forward or nonconformist they might be.


Learn to find the hidden gems in a book, how to best use the content of a book and so much more.


We focus on the good, the helpful takeaways and find appreciation in every book.

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