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How to Make Communication Easier

Author : Karen Wilson Pool

Genre : Karen's Books, Self-Help

I’ve written How to Make Communication Easier to encourage individuals who want to improve their communication skills with family, friend, and work relationships. Through the use and practice of these assertive skills, any relationship can be improved and enriched.  Have you had difficulty expressing your opinion in a group? Has it ever been complicated for you to be clear about what you want or think or feel? Have you had trouble expressing what you feel in a heated discussion with a loved one? Learning these assertive communication skills helps you acquire the social skills that will enable you to express yourself comfortably and smoothly in situations that have previously made you feel anxious and inhibited.

How to Make Communication Easier is the final book in my “How to” series. The first was How to Make Writing Easier, the second, How to Make Financial Independence Easier.. These books are created from presentations, workshops, and classes I taught while a university professor. It condenses all my efforts over two decades into three easy-to-read and practice books.

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