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Daughter of the Forest

Author : Juliet Marillier

Genre : Fantasy, Favorites

I’ve loved fairytales since I was a child. Daughter of the Forest is elegantly written, and is the first book in the Sevenwaters series of five books. Mariller’s books portray women as rich, powerful characters who make their mark in the world where events are stacked against them. They rise to face the many obstacles and antagonists in their path through hard work, sacrifice, and intelligence.

Marillier creates a world rich with magic and legend—with characters you can laugh and cry with. Set in Ireland, Sorcha’s family are custodians of the forest where the real world and the Otherworld exist side by side. Marillier’s novel starts with the retelling of the fairy tale, “The Wild Swans,” and then moves on its own path. Sorcha’s commitment to saving her family sustains her through years of suffering. This is a story of trauma and sacrifice as well as healing and love, and unfailing loyalty.

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