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I Must Betray You

Author : Ruta Sepetys

Genre : Historical Fiction, Young Adult

I read every book Ruta writes. The daughter of a refugee, she is drawn to underrepresented stories of strength through struggle and hopes to give voice to those who weren’t able to tell their story.

This is a must read for anyone who thinks socialism and communism can provide a better way of life, or who is unaware of the struggles of people in other countries that are concealed from us. In reality, people living under those forms of government are equally miserable.

This is a poignant story of a 17-year old boy, Christian, in 1989 Romania. This historical fiction unfolds the experiences of millions of people in a country under the tyrannical dictatorship of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu hidden from the rest of the world. While the leadership lived in opulence, traveled extensively, and were welcomed by the world’s leaders, the people lived destitute lives—hours-long food lines every day to keep them barely from starving and with electricity turned off consistently. In addition, there are informers and enforcers everywhere, even within families.

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