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Black Autumn

Author : Jeff Kirkham & Jason Ross

Genre : Fiction

I learned about this book from a friend and was curious. Black Autumn is the first on a series of ten books on the apocalypse. The authors illustrate that common, everyday glitches in our system can add up to the total collapse of Western Civilization. This series races around the U.S. as pockets of survivors confront impossible choices and ferocious threats in the wake of the Black Autumn collapse.

This book is a surprising read about what could happen when a nuke is set off near Catalina Island, California, the stock market fails, a dirty bomb explodes over Saudi Arabia, and the world’s nations start to crumble. Green Beret, Jeff Kirkham, and his buddies think they’re ready for another war, but nothing can prepare them for the runaway violence in America after a cascade of terrorism, government blunder, and most people unprepared for living in this new world of chaos who resort to violence to survive. This is a story of a group in north Salt Lake, led by Jason Ross, a successful businessman and his friend Jeff, who prepared in case something like this happened, and if anything it would give you pause as you think how prepared you are to have to live on your food storage, defend your family, and move forward without electricity, internet, or anything else we take for granted for any length of time.

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Phyllis Gunderson
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The story forced me into thinking deeper about the possibilities of collapse.

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