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At Book Review Pro, Karen Pool, published author and book enthusiastic, leads readers into uncovering the hidden gems in a book. She focuses on the obscure insights, impactful quotes and key takeaways of all different genres. These books aren’t just reviewed with a star rating, but rather, encompass an in-depth and thought-provoking analysis of each publication.


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Meet the Founder

Formerly a university administrator and teacher educator, Karen Wilson Pool, M.S. has been an instructional writer and workshop presenter, teaching assertive communication skills, conflict resolution, effective teaching strategies, and life planning skills for the past three decades. Her ability to clarify concepts, see connections, create structure, and engage imagination encourages innovation through experiential learning. Currently, she writes full-time and teaches creative processes to help individuals achieve clarity and direction.

Karen reads all the time, and over a variety of genres—in the car when not driving, while waiting at the dentist’s office, and anywhere else she has a spare minute, usually with a pen or pencil for underlining. One of her favorite things to do is collect insightful and/or inspirational quotes from the various books she reads. If there are quite a few, she will write the page number and first line on a large post-it-note in the front of the book for easy retrieval.

Besides being a voracious reader, Karen is the author of Celebrating Women’s Voices, Designing Your Life Vision, Awakening from the Midlife Chrysalis, a coming-of-age novel, The Golden Thread, and a children’s book, Jennie’s Song, and How to Make Writing Easier. She has co-authored two books with her husband, Stan Pool: How to Be There for Your Kids (when they turn the world upside down), and Hero or Victim in Your Life. Coming soon are How to Make Financial Independence Easier and Imagine Your Life, Discover Your Dreams.

She lives in the Wasatch Mountains. She and Stan, have four adult children, and she is book grandma to eight grandchildren.

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