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Water from my Heart

Author : Charles Martin

Genre : Fiction

Charles has written another poignant redemption story set around the true events in 1998 when Hurricane Mitch stalled over Nicaragua, filled the lake atop a dormant volcano called Las Casitas. The extra weight cracked the mantle and caused an eruption and mudslide traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour down the mountain toward the sea some thirty miles away. Water from my heart bubbled up and out of his experiences with these people.

The story begins with Charlie Finn, on his own at 16, and Harvard graduated. There he learns the art of profiting from the vices of others. He becomes a drug runner who keeps his personal relationships separate from his work. Eventually, at age 40,  the two worlds collide, producing devastating consequences for those he loves. Searching for his friend’s son takes him to Nicaragua and the generations living after the hurricane devastation where he finds a way to heal his own hardened heart.

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