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Under Heaven

Author : Guy Gavriel Kay

Genre : Historical Fiction

Once in a while I’m handed a book from a friend that is so beautifully written, I’m hardly able to put it down. Guy Gavriel Kay has written this fictional story of Shen Tai from the 9th Dynasty in China. In order to honor the memory of his recently deceased father, Tai has spent two years of mourning burying as many of the 100,000 dead as he possibly can. The dead are equally Kitan and their Taguran foes; there is no way to tell the bones apart, and he treats them all reverently. At night Tai can hear the ghosts moan and stir, and occasionally, when one voice falls silent, he knows it belonged to someone he has laid to rest. Both sides have taken notice of his solitary work and take turns bringing him supplies. What follows is a tale of political maneuvering, generosity, treachery, and surprising protection—all while underlying factions in the country are becoming more powerful.

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