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Time To Think

Author : Nancy Kline

Genre : Favorites, Inspirational

I trained life coaches for a while, with an emphasis on the art of listening for people’s brilliance, and assisting them in discovering answers to their problems and challenges within themselves, rather than assuming our advise was better. This book came into my life in a surprising way (out of the blue from a friend in England) at just the moment I was developing this part of the training. Most of us think we listen well, and we rarely do—not at this level. Listening this way is a radical act.

Over the past 15 years, Nancy Kline has formed a system called a Thinking Environment, a model of human interaction that dramatically improves the way people think, and thus the way they work and live. We must learn how to help people think for themselves. Listening—the quality of people’s attention for each other—is the core of this method.

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