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The Time of the Dark

Author : Barbara Hanbly

Genre : Fantasy

Barbara Hambly is one of my favorite fantasy authors. She’s written several fantasy trilogies, and then switched and is writing a mystery series set in New Orleans after the Civil War. This book is a delightful combination of the modern world connecting with a fantasy universe.

Night after night Gil found herself dreaming of an impossible city where alien horror swarmed from underground lairs of darkness to destroy mankind and all the works of men. But when the wizard Ingold Inglorion crosses the Void to ask sanctuary for the last Prince of Dar, she learned that her dreams had been true visions of a strange reality.

Until they met Ingold, Gil was an ordinary PhD candidate and Rudy was a drifter, whiling away his life riding motorcycles under the California sun. But wizards have a way of complicating things. Ingold brought them across the Void, where an evil known as the Dark threatened to devour civilization whole.

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