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The Thread Collectors

Author : Shauna Edwards & Alyson Richman

Genre : Historical Fiction

This historical fiction is based on the stories of Alyson’s two great-great-great uncles who fought on opposite sides of the Civil War and Shauna’s great-great-great aunt Janie, a Black woman who managed to become a financially independent landowner. It is born from the authors’ decades-long friendship as a Black woman and Jewish woman, each proud of their heritage. They explore the Civil War through two underrepresented lenses and illuminate the important and often overlooked tragedies of that time. They also show how ingenuity and creativity can bridge cultural divides.

Of the 2.75 million soldiers who  enlisted to fight in the Civil War, 180,000 Black men also volunteered. Just enlisting required great hardship. The Louisiana Native Guard fought at Port Hudson—and were massacred. This is a story of hardship, courage, and how a love for music creates and enduring friendship.

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