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The Things We Cannot Say

Author : Kelly Kimmer

Genre : Historical Fiction

This is a beautifully-written book. Kelly Rimmer came up for the idea for this book at a family reunion. She realized she knew nothing about her grandparents who had escaped from Poland during World War II. Alice, granddaughter to her beloved Babcia—Hanna, is watching her grandmother’s slow decline since she had a stroke that robs her of the ability to speak. Alice’s son Eddie is on the autism spectrum and has a device that uses icons so he can communicate. With the use of this device, Hanna asks Alice to return to Poland and find her Tomasz. This is confusing because they had buried her grandfather, Tomasz, last year. Hanna, whose original name was Alina tells her story along side Alice’s complicated one.

It is only when Alice breaks away from her family responsibilities to fulfill the wish of her grandmother to have her go to Poland that Alice is able to learn the truth about Thomasz.


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