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The Lights of Mohonri Moriancumer

Author : Phyllis Gunderson

Genre : Fiction

This is one of my favorite books, written by a member of my writers’ critique group.

A delightful archaeology mystery: A monk with a secret… A light that never dies… A legend that could change history… There is an ancient legend about shining stones. About lights that never dim, never die. And the stones are old. Very old. Archaeologist Matt Howard believes in solid scientific fact and proven history. Not mythical stories about shining stones or prehistoric advanced civilizations. But when an old Tibetan monk shares his experience of the “lights that do not die,” Matt knows she has to find out more. Then, when at an archaeological dig a student gives Matt a little black book that contains a story about shining stones – a story that happens to match a local legend – she finds herself on a journey to uncover the truth. From a sacred mountain in China to a lost civilization in Brazil, Matt finds that she is digging up more than just archaeological artifacts. Her search for the shining stones leads her to some startling discoveries, as well as to a new religion.

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