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The Light We Give

Author : Simram Jeet Singh

Genre : Religious

Part memoir—the story of growing up in South Texas as a brown-skinned, turban-wearing Sikh where he and his brothers confronted racism daily, and part spiritual journey as he embraces the Sikh teachings of love and justice that he grew up with. Delving deep into the core tenets of Sikh wisdom, including equality, humility, integrity, service, and love, he has sought to embrace an outlook that guides us to see the good in everyone and to forge a earth of positivity, connection, and service—a way of life that many are seeking in today’s world. For many Sikhs, wearing the turban is a public commitment to living by these values.

The word Sikh literally means “student,” and to be Sikh is to strive to practice these teachings daily. Sikhs refer to their teacher as guru, a world derived from  Sanskrit that means moving from darkness to light—an enlightenment. This tradition began with Guru Nanak in 1469. From childhood he noticed the unhappiness, divisions, and inequalities all around him. As he matured, Nanak began to offer a new vision for finding joy and purpose that centered around the daily practices of spiritual growth, ethical living, and selfless giving. There would be ten successive gurus in the line of Nanak, each of whom contributed to Sikhi’s expansion until 1708. The tradition deepens our understanding of love, connection, selflessness, identifying value, fearlessness, discipline, and service.

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