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The Last Kingdom

Author : Bernard Cornwell

Genre : Historical Fiction

If you’ve enjoyed “The Last Kingdom” series on Netflix, you will enjoy the books that the series is based on by Bernard Cornwall. The first book, The Last Kingdom, begins the story of a young Anglo-Saxon, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who is kidnapped in battle and then raised by the Dane, Earl Ragnor and taught the art of war.

It’s also the story of the ultra pious Alfred the Great in ninth century Britain, his war against the Danes, and his efforts to unite England. Eventually his greatest asset turns out to be Uhtred, whose abilities at a strategist, and a man of his word, increase the success of Alfred’s plans to unite all of England under one leader. The series continues through Alfred’s reign, his son Edward’s reign, and Edward’s son Athelstan. Uhtred is a fictional character; the others are all historic figures.

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