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The Ladies of Mandrigyn

Author : Barbara Hanbly

Genre : Fantasy

Barbara Hambly’s fantasy books have always been some of my favorites. She was writing fantasy in earlier years before she started her Benjamin January mystery series set in 1933 in New Orleans. For me, “book storage” is as important as food storage. If I was trapped at home for any duration, I could enjoy her books again and again. The series about Sun Wolf, a well-known mercenary and his 2nd in command, Sky Hawk starts with the Ladies of Mandrigyn who poison Sun Wolf, kidnap him and manipulate him into training the ladies of Mandrigyn to fight so they can free their husbands from the mines of the evil wizard Altiokis. The series continues with The Witches of Wenshar and third book, The Dark Hand of Magic.

Full of delightful metaphors, richly-developed characters, mystery and magic, Barbara Hambly is a storyteller for the ages.

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