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The HeartMath Solution

Author : Doc Childre and Howard Martin

Genre : Favorites, Self-Help

I’ve shared the concepts in this book with so many people who find themselves dealing with anxiety or frustration or overcaring or despair . . .

What if you could easily make better decisions? Enhance creativity? Reduce high blood pressure? Slow down aging? You can, simply by understanding your heart’s intelligence—which has more impact on our emotions, our mind, and our physical health than was ever thought possible.

And what if you learned that there is something you can use—potent tools that can channel your heart’s intelligence—to live a healthier life? Breakthrough scientific research proves that the heart is the control tower of the body’s systems and overall health. This book presents a comprehensive view of their groundbreaking research, and their easy-to-learn, scientifically proven techniques, including Freeze-Frame, Cut-Thru, and Heart Lock-In, plus amazing results that balance our heart rhythms and hormone levels, increase DHEA, and boost our immune system.

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