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The Four-Fold Way

Author : Angeles Arrien

Genre : Inspirational

It is in her best-selling book, The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Path of Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary, that cultural anthropologist Angles Arrien explores the importance of the four-chambered heart.

She identifies half-heartedness as the opposite of the full heart. “Feeling half-hearted reveals our ambivalence and lack of commitment, which create mixed messages and misunderstanding. It is time to remove ourselves from these situations.”

Full-heartedness allows us to deeply engage in our work, relationships and community. The full heart also gives rise to authenticity and commitment. The full heart helps turn our dreams and aspirations to action and results. It is the chamber most associated with generative power. The full heart is also the place of generosity, the capacity to share with others.


Do you have your heart fully in what you are doing? Where do you feel you have made half-hearted commitments in your personal life, relationships and work? Knowing this, what positive steps can you take to recover full-heartedness?

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