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The Forgotten Garden

Author : Kate Morton

Genre : Fiction

Another of Kate Morton’s beautifully crafted and layered mysteries that spans generations, and slowly draws you into a tale of selfless love and sorrow. A four-year-old girl is abandoned on a ship headed for Australia in 1913. She arrives with nothing but a small suitcase containing a few clothes and a single book—a beautiful volume of fairy tales. She is taken in by the dockmaster and his wife and raised as their own. On her twenty-first birthday, they tell her the truth. With very little to go on, Nell sets out to trace her real identity. Her quest leads her to Blackhurst Manor on the Cornish coast and the secrets of the doomed Mountrachet family. But it is not until her granddaughter, Cassandra, takes up the search after Nell’s death that all the pieces of the puzzle are finally assembled.

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