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The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Author : Kate Morton

Genre : Fiction

Elodie is an archivist at Stratton, Cadwell, & Co. and discovers a satchel and sketchbook in a waxed box that had been neglected until a plumbing disaster required complete evacuation of an old cloakroom. A drawing in the sketchbook reminds her of a house in a story her mother used to tell.

Kate Morton has written a stunning story of love, loss, and an unsolved mysterious disappearance intertwined with stories of other residents of Birchwood Manor. In fact, the house seems to be a character in the story, hiding the truth until the very end. The story is told through multiple voices, intricately layered and connected in surprising ways. Wonderful time metaphors: “Time had lost its shape again, its arrow dissolving into dust around her.” “Past Mrs. Berry’s grandfather clock—still softly, patiently, sweeping time aside.”

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