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The Book of Two Ways

Author : Jodi Picoult

Genre : Fiction

This is a finely-written book about death, dying, crossroads, and choices (with some foul language). It is stories within stories past and present, along with numerous references to Egyptology and the fascination the ancient people of Egypt had with the preparation for death and the way after.

Dawn Edelstein, a death doula in her life back in Boston, is on a plane when the flight attendant tells passengers to prepare for a crash landing. She learns that the pilots are not able to clear the fuel filter and they have to do a land evacuation. She learns later that she is one of thirty-six people who walked away from the crash. The lucky ones have been told they can have a plane ticket anywhere they need to go. The woman at the desk asked, “Where do you need to go?” There is something in the way she phrases the question: need, instead of want, and another destination rises like steam in her mind.

The question at the center of the story: “Did you ever wonder who you would have been, if you hadn’t become who you are?”

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