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Remarkably Bright Creatures

Author : Shelby Van Pelt

Genre : Fiction

This is a quirky, heartwarming book about Tova, the oldest employee working at the Sowell Bay Aquarium. After her husband died, and to keep busy, she began working nights mopping floors, wiping down glass, and emptying trash cans. She befriends Marcellus the giant Pacific octopus who tends to escape his tank at times. Because Marcellus can sneak out from his tank, once in a while he supplements his foul diet of herring with a crab or sea cucumber from the other tanks. He also collects things, especially bright, shiny things. It is in this way that he eventually helps Tova answer some questions about the mysterious death of her son, Erik, some thirty years earlier. The “remarkably bright creatures” on Mardcellus’s plaque outside his tank is wonderfully paid back at the end of the book.

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