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No More Secondhand Art

Author : Peter London

Genre : Nonfiction

Most books that teach about watercolor and full-color and beautiful, and full of step-by-step instructions, so you can create a painting exactly like or similar to what the author/artist has created on the printed page. No More Secondhand Art by Peter London, in dull black and white, though, is my favorite. It’s about using art as an instrument of personal transformation, and is packed with inspiration and fresh ideas for art students, as well as for people who think they can’t draw a straight line and still want to explore the joys of creative expression.

Inside every person, London believes, there is an original, creative self that has been covered over by secondhand ideas, borrowed beliefs, and conditional behavior. By freeing the capacity for visual expression, individuals can awaken and release the true self. One of my favorite watercolor paintings came from working through his creative encounters.

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