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Messages from Water, Volume 2

Author : Masaru Emoto

Genre : Inspirational

A number of years ago, I attended a conference in Las Vegas where Masaru Emoto spoke. I was astounded that there was a way to photograph the beauty and ugliness of words and music in water. Because I’m so interested in staying in the language of possibility (gratitude, love, generosity, kindness) and out of the language of resistance (anger, frustration, anxiety), I found his information a wonderful validation of what I have learned and taught others.

This fascinating book documents hundreds of ice crystal patterns photographed in a special “cold laboratory” in Japan from 1994 to 1999. Emoto became interested in the life energy in water, and began to investigate the crystallization patterns of water from pure and polluted sources.He had monks recite prayers over the water, played music for it, even taped words on the outside of small vials of water, all with remarkably distinctive effect.

Since water constitutes some 70% of both the human body and of the earth, his thesis is that these experiments demonstrate empirically the direct physical impact that thoughts, speech and emotions have, not only on water, but on these larger, more complex systems which are largely comprised of water. Second volume goes further into the phenomena mentioned above, with hundreds of beautifully photographed, exquisitely formed water crystals. This volume focuses entirely on the effects upon water of thoughts, feelings, prayer, music, even subjecting water to photographs of sacred sites and placing it in crop circles.

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