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How to Stop Time

Author : Matt Haig

Genre : Fiction

This is the fourth book I’ve read recently about time travelers. The others include: The Invisible Life of Abbie LaRue (born in 1691) by V. C. Schwab; the two books by Gabrielle Meyer, When the Day Comes about Libby Conant, who is a time-crosser—living a day in 1774 and waking up the next morning in 1914, and In This Moment about Maggie, who lives in 1861 and 1941.

How to Stop Time is a story about Tom Hazard, who  is born March, 1581 and lives to the present day. He grows older much, much slower, and has to move frequently when people notice he is not aging. The chapters are short going back and forth in time. These are all inventive stories and I liked Matt Haig’s book in the beginning until the language became noticeably coarse, so readers be aware of this—thus the lower rating.

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