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How to Make Writing Easier

Author : Karen Wilson Pool

Genre : Karen's Books, Nonfiction

I’ve designed How to Make Writing Easier to encourage individuals who want to overcome the inhibitions they developed as young writers. I’ve been teaching about how to make writing easier for over two decades in workshops, to book groups, and in my university courses. In the beginning, students or workshop participants are hesitant to engage. Those same students and workshop participants leave surprised and inspired to continue writing.

You may experience some of the same dilemmas they express: You feel inspired to write and haven’t a clue about how to start. Perhaps you want to record your life’s story and leave a legacy. Maybe you’ve begun your novel, story, or nonfiction work and are stuck somewhere in the middle. Or, you’re discouraged before you even start, thinking you could never be good enough.

This process of first-thought writing will provide information and clarity so you can move your project forward. The content, questions, and writing activities will help you learn how your mind works; what gets in the way, practice with a set of tools that will improve your writing process, and explore possibilities for completing and publishing your writing projects.

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