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Author : Linda Orvis

Genre : Historical Fiction

This historical fiction book was written by a member of my writers’ critique group. I enjoyed listening to Linda read it to us chapter by chapter, and so enjoyed reading it when it was published. Watch for the follow-up book about Hope’s friend Micah coming soon, titled Barkwatcher

Hope, who has always craved adventure, is abducted from her Cornwall, England home in the early 1850s and taken to Gold Rush San Francisco. She escapes her kidnapper and lives with the California Indians for a year. She travels the Pacific Northwest with a mountain man, is attacked by a wolverine, and eventually creates a life in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. This story also follows Hope’s friend, Ian, who leaves Cornwall to search for her, until he’s convinced that she died in a fire. He becomes embroiled in the San Francisco underworld, determined to avenge her death. Life aboard ship, and with the Indians, as well as with Micah, a trapper, transforms Hope into “a woman to reckon with.”

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