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Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

Author : James Hollis

Genre : Inspirational

When I was in my mid-50s, I began to reflect on all I had accomplished and consider what I wanted to have happen as I moved into the second half of my life. Some individuals has figured out their 100-year plan that includes working on into their eighties. Yet when retirement from full-time family work or employment loom on the horizon, others feel lost and  have no clue what they will do in the space they’re about to step into.

In his beautifully-written book, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, James Hollis, suggests that adulthood offers varying levels of growth in ways many of us find unexpected. Turbulent emotional shifts can take place anywhere between the middle thirties and seventy when we question the choices we’ve made. Beware: With clarifying answers comes a rather demanding invitation to live more consciously in the second half of life. Lots of thought-provoking questions are included.

Some refer to this as a midlife crisis, anticipating that outward changes will make the difference when, most likely, inward alternations are necessary and will help us thrive in our later years. It is when we question the status quo, especially in these times of upheaval and uncertainty, that we can explore the ways we will grow and evolve going forward.

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