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Earth in Upheaval

Author : Immanuel Velikovsky

Genre : Nonfiction

I have been interested in the rock science of the earth for several years. When I mentioned this to a friend, he suggested I read Immanuel Velikovsky’s book. Earth in Upheaval is a very exactly investigated and easily understandable yet dense book – and contains material that completely revolutionizes our view of the history of the earth. For all those who have ever wondered about the evolution of the earth, the formation of mountains and oceans, the origin of coal or fossils, the question of the ice ages and the history of animal and plant species, Earth in Upheaval is a reliable resource. The author felt that the immediate testimony of the rocks must be presented along with the historical evidence.

The pages of this book are transcripts of the rocks. They testify by their own appearance and by the encased contents of dead bodies, fossilized skeletons. Myriads upon myriads of living creatures came to life on this ball of rock suspended in nothing, and returned to dust. Many died a natural death, many were killed in wars between races and species, and many were entombed alive during great paroxysms of nature in which land and sea contested in destruction. Whole tribes of fish that had filled the oceans suddenly ceased to exist, of entire species and even genera of land animals not a single survivor was left.

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