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Dragon Prince

Author : Melanie Rawn

Genre : Fantasy

When I first read Melanie Rawn’s fantasy series that begins with Dragon Prince, I fell in love with the idea that people could their colors to send messages on the sunshine. It’s a phrase I use often in a text message: “I’m sending blessings/increased health/love to you on the sunshine.

Melanie has created a stunning fantasy world of political rivals, power-hungry relatives, a love story, magic, and dragons. As he watches his father battle the old dragon, the crown prince, Rohan, knows in his heart that someday when he rules the desert, there will be no more killing the magnificent beasts. His Aunt Andrade is Lady of Goddess Keep where she trains her faradh’im, commonly called Sunrunners. These Sunrunners can send messages across the continent by weaving their colors on the sunshine. Lady Andrade plans to marry Sioned, a gifted Sunrunner to the prince. The High Prince Roelstra plans to marry one of his four daughters to Rohan in hopes of eventually gaining control of the continent.

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