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Creating Your Best Life

Author : Caroline Adams Miller

Genre : Inspirational

One of my favorite books about creating life lists is Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Adams Miller. It dovetails well with my books, Transformational Thinking – Imagine Your Life, Discover Your Dreams and Designing Your Life Vision – Discover the themes of your heart and play with the colors and patterns of your dreams.

For the first time, the science of positive psychology meets the science of goal accomplishment. Comprehensive and evidence-based, Creating Your Best Life breaks new ground in revealing how happiness and success are interconnected. With dozens of interactive exercises and quizzes, it helps readers identify their most cherished needs, ambitions, and wishes so they can take control of their environment and maximize their chances of success.

This book provides a step by step process on how to set goals in 16 key areas—including love relationships, family, health, work, self-esteem, friendship, money, problem-solving, and creativity—that inspire people to live their lives more consciously, productively, and joyfully.

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