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Changed Through His Grace

Author : Brad Wilcox

Genre : Religious

I lived in the South for several years and had wonderful conversations with women in particular of other faiths. Often the concept of grace would be part of our conversations. I’ve studied this in the scriptures and most recently, have read every book I could find on the subject. Brad Wilcox’s is one of the best on the subject.

In this insightful book, he explores this life-altering question in depth. Besides describing God’s favor, goodwill, and love, it is the help, power, and strength He offers as we choose to engage with Him in striving to attain those attributes. Grace is the power that flows from Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection. Grace is not an ordinance, but essential ordinances invite greater and greater endowments of grace into our lives. Grace is a divine gift, but like a gift, it must be received. In this book, Brother Wilcox uses stories and personal experience to demonstrate how we can choose to receive Christ’s grace more fully throughout our lives.

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