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Awakening From the Midlife Chrysalis

Author : Karen Wilson Pool

Genre : Karen's Books, Memoir

Midlife is a hot topic these days, especially since baby boomers—seventy-six million strong—began sprinting through the 50s into the wisdom years, ages 60-100. Our extended life span offers us a vantage point at midlife unheard of in earlier generations. The term midlife can mark a period of tremendous growth. It’s really another time of transition—between one age of our lives gone and the new one not yet established.

There comes a time in our lives when we must enter the interior landscape of our heart. The answers from outside of us cease to satisfy our desires for meaning and contribution. As with most earth-linked processes, this interior journey has its own cycle—stages and signposts that let us know where we stand in any particular moment. Each chapter encourages an awakening to where I am and you could be—to face the fears that keep us from moving forward into authentic living for the rest of our days.

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