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After the Manner of Happiness

Author : T. Scott Hendricks

Genre : Fiction, Religious

This sage (634 pages) of generational hatred versus kindness begins with A.J. Strickland and Thad Bohannan. Both men live in Cripple Creek, Texas on the western side of the state. It’s set sometime in the 20s and 30s. Thad is a mean and vindictive, wealthy rancher who has to be seen as the best at everything. He doesn’t enjoy having something as much as he enjoys having more than anybody else. And if anyone gets the best of him, he retaliates. He has passed on his mean streak to his son Buck, who bullies the younger kids at school, especially A.J.’s grandson, Brig.

A.J. loves and trains horses, loves his grandson, and never retaliates. A.J. shares his grandson’s yearning for a horse, but his plans and sacrifices are frustrated again and again as unforeseen obstacles make Brig’s dream seem impossible. Even when tragedy strikes, he teaches his grandson to always take the high road of compassion, kindness,  and integrity.


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