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When the Day Comes

Author : Gabrielle Meyer

Genre : Historical Fiction

I really enjoy a creative book that surprises me. Gabrielle Meyer’s book, When the Day Comes is about Libby Conant is a time-crosser, as her mother is, and her grandmother before her. She lives a day in 1774 Colonial Williamsburg until midnight and then awakes the next morning in 1914 New York City. In one life she is a public printer for the House of Burgesses and the Royal Governor. Her life in New York is filled with wealth, a mother who wants to climb the social ladder, and English bachelors eager to marry an American Dollar Princess to save their crumbling manors. When she turns twenty-one, she must choose when era she will live in for the rest of her life. This is the Book 1 of three historical time-travel romances.

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