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The Winthrop Woman

Author : Anya Seaton

Genre : Historical Fiction

Elizabeth Fones Winthrop (1610- c 1673) is a real historical figure who married into the family of governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and moved to the wild New World in 1631. This book is built on a solid framework of fact that follows Elizabeth (Bess) from her marriage to Harry Winthrop, her cousin, Robert Feake, and eventually William Hallet.

During her time in Boston, she meets and talks with Anne Hutchinson, a deeply religious woman, who in her understanding of the Bible, felt the ministers of the day had lost their way. Anne is remembered as the first American woman to fight publicly for religious freedom and for women’s rights—a brave and principled woman who had the courage to speak her mind freely in a male hierarchy that allowed women no voice. In direct violation of Puritan doctrine and church structure, she believed heaven was open to those who worshipped God through a personal connection, without the need of any church intervention. The book follows Elizabeth’s story as she and her husband are forced to move again and again.

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