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The Energy of Money

Author : Maria Nemeth

Genre : Nonfiction

When we think about money, we don’t often consider the assumptions we make, any unresolved issues w may have, or how mindless we are at times as we spend it. For those who want a deeper dive into the unconscious ways we relate to money, this is a book worth studying.

In The Energy of Money, Maria Nemeth draws upon her more than twenty years’ experience in synthesizing spiritual and practical techniques. Combining a self-help and self-discovery regimen with proven methods of money management, this guide to prosperity presents twelve principles that will help you to uncover the hidden landscape of beliefs, patterns, and habits that underlie and sometimes subvert your everyday use of money and personal resources, defuse fears of deprivation and scarcity, consciously focus your money energy, and develop the discipline to stay on your personal path to abundance


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