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The Compound Effect

Author : Darren Hardy

Genre : Self-Help

A friend was reading this book, so I picked up a copy, and found it similar to other books about changing habits and setting goals to increase your success in life. Darren Hardy tells his own story and explains that this book is about “a half dozen basics, that when focused on and mastered, can help you achieve any goal you desire and live the life you were meant to life.” The secret to success is hard work, discipline, and good habits through taking a series of tiny steps. The advantage to this book is that it’s much shorter than others, and the author offers a plethora of free downloads to help you review your values and goals, and assess everything.

This is similar to other books on this subject and he quotes other change agents: Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Linda & Richard Eyre, Jack Canfield, etc. Surprisingly, the book has no resource section

The downer is that he’s selling, selling, selling throughout the book, doesn’t really explain how to transform from whining or fear and other low vibration emotions into possibility. He also invites you to join his BetterEveryDay movement, and buy his books to pass on to other friends.

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