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The Choice

Author : Edith Eva Eger

Genre : Inspirational, Memoir

This is one of the best books I’ve read this year. I like stories that make me think about my own life and the choices I’ve made and those I want to make moving forward. Dr. Eger’s shares her journey through the greatest of horrors—sent in Auschwitz at age 16, and her own process of transcending the experience one step at a time.

Edie spent decades struggling with flashbacks and survivor’s guilt, determined to stay silent and hide from the past. Thirty-five years after the war ended, she returned to Auschwitz and was finally able to fully heal and forgive the one person she’d been unable to forgive—herself. In her work with returning soldiers and many others, she teaches the possibility of choice that is available to any of us moving through or recovering from trauma and difficulty.

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