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Author : Christina Baldwin

Genre : Inspirational, Nonfiction

I attended a workshop taught by Christina Baldwin on Whitbey Island off the coast of Washington and it forever changed my view of storytelling. I was exploring a transition from full-time work into some kind of reinvention of myself. Time and space to explore my story in the safety of beauty,  delicious meals, and delightful company was healing. Storytelling is important skill for each of us to develop because each of our stories are important and unique. Some come by this ability naturally; others, like me, have to work at it.

In this powerful book, Christina Baldwin, one of the visionaries who started the personal writing movement, explores the vital necessity of re-creating a sacred common ground for each other’s stories.

Even so, story is the heart of language. Story moves us to love and hate and can motivate us to change the whole course of our lives. Story can lift us beyond our individual borders to imagine the realities of other people, times, and places. Storytelling — both oral tradition and written word — is the foundation of being human.

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