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Imagine Your Life and Discover Your Dreams

Author : Karen Wilson Pool

Genre : Karen's Books

Our lives form a story a sequence of events. We can go through the motions, living by default or we can create a plan that empowers us. We can discover pathways leading to the fulfillment of our dreams. In fact, many of us awaken and reawaken to the search for purpose and meaning throughout our lives.The heart of the Life Creation Process introduced in this book lies in the examination of our thought patterns and the freeing of our imagination.

Developing your creative imagination will transform your life as you examine the thought patterns that are holding you back. Imagine Your Life and Discover Your Dreams, provides a structure—a “change your thinking, change your life” step-by-step process. It helps individuals—

• Expand their thinking and imagination skills
• Revitalize hope and curiosity about the future
• Achieve clarity about what they want in life, and
• Identify and remove obstacles to achieving their dreams.


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