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How to Make Financial Independence Easier

Author : Karen Wilson Pool

Genre : Karen's Books

I’ve designed How to Make Financial Independence Easier to encourage individuals who want to improve their financial situation and learn financial literacy—the ability to understand how money works in the world. I’ve gathered and integrated best practices into a set of easy-to-follow guidelines. The content, questions, and activities in this book will help you:

• Examine habits and assumptions that stop you even before you start.
• Learn how to practice some basic strategies, and increase your awareness and skills in money management.
• Create plans and goals that will help you through financial troubles and unexpected challenges.

What Readers Say

This book is positive and encouraging. This clearly written guide to better financial practices will empower the reader to make positive change.

This book is well organized, inspiring, and reassuring. It deals with more than financial advice. I believe it will be helpful to so many people.

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