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Hero or Victim in Your Life

Author : Karen and Stan Pool

Genre : Karen's Books, Nonfiction

There comes a moment when we face the dual nature of our humanity—when the striving for our divine nature against our selfish nature becomes the most intense. Every hero, in the process of development, has to face that inner conflict of deciding what nature he or she will nourish. That confrontation becomes the instant when we stand fast in the face of opposition and hardship and become what our potential suggests we can become, or acquiesce to our baser instincts. Either way it is challenging work.

One of the biggest reasons we obscure our path is that it is such a decisive moment in our progression. We emerge from this conflict either a hero or victim. Our courage or our lack of character defines our eternal existence. In the clarity of this moment, of all the struggles, the dilemmas, the pressures we face, the most significant is this one where we confront the battle centered within us. The gift of divine potential comes from God, but the capacity to realize that comes from us.

It is the most heroic moment to understand and accept the reality of that possibility—the power you have to make that choice. There is no other decision so essential or so courageous.

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