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Elegant Choices, Healing Choices

Author : Marsha Sinetar

Genre : Inspirational, Nonfiction

Marsha Sinetar, Ph.D., is a pioneering educator and author. She is gifted in exploring the practical benefits of self-actualization: the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents, creativity, and potential. Some of my most favorite quotes come from her writing.

Beautifully and elegantly written, Elegant Choices, Healing Choices is a must read for those who want a guide to choosing wisely and who want to live life in a more mindful and enriching way. She encourages us to believe in ourselves as we move toward healing and wholeness.

The word elegant describes that inner refinement, that personal grace, that effortlessness, that lovely naturalness commonly embodied by supremely well-developed persons. The elegant choice enables us to become increasingly individuated: more of what we know ourselves to be, on the inside, at the core of our most noble self.

Some of her other books include Developing a 21st Century Mind, A Way Without Words, and Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics.

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